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Thursday, 27 December 2012

About Me

Hello everyone , my is Ryan Hong Tze Kai . You can just call  me  Ryan Hong as I have  noticed

there are quite a few of Ryans in SST . I guess it is a nice & popular name so let all Ryans unite! 

                 My favourite colours are SKY blue and Dark purple . I like listening to my favourite band , 

One Direction as their songs can help me calm myself down when I am all rowdy and rude . I also like

playing computer games e.g Maplestory and watch cartoon network and watch channel 8 dramas

especially on weekdays at 9.p.m. But not for long...  as my mum is going to clamp down on TV


                      When I have fre√® time I would simply just laze around my bed or stare at the television 

eating Crackers - I guess I know how to "chillex"!

                       Most of all , I enjoy making new friends as they would be keeping me company til

 5pm in the next 4 years of my life in SST. I also like to study in a place where the temperature is not 

too cold and not hot and also QUIET.... because only then I can focus at 100% ! :D 

Last but not least ,  

I hope to get along well with my teachers & peers at SST